Trusted by OEs for years 'Suprathane' wheels  are durable,high quality and suitable for any material handling applications

World renowned German made castors & wheels available in more than 40,000 variants 

Dynamic solutions to dynamic problems 

Blickle castors

Whether it be Abrasion resistant linings for Vibro-finishing machines or Roll covering for cold roll mill 'Suprathane' products beats all odds



Expertise in polyurethane chemistry enables us to develop cast Pu product for any customized need

OUR Specialities


CAst PU products

Casting , Product development , Mould making , Testing , Machining facility all integrated under one roof in order to provide world class solutions.

ARL & Rolls

Premium quality Cast polyurethane products
  • Customized solutions
  • Product Designing
  • Product refurbishing

Form in Place Foam Gasket Machine,Glubot 2 Axis Motion Router With Meter+mix+Dispensor For Multicomponent Polyurethane Gasket.Designed for Ease of Operation and Consistent Quality.